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Simple, Flexible & Innovative

Designed for the Hospitality world, INOVGUEST® offers a set of modules specifically designed for any type of hotel operation. Easily adaptable regardless of size, INOVGUEST®

is designed to grow organically at the pace your business does.
Based and supported by visual maps and intuitive planning, processes and operations get easier.

Cloud – From your local server or from a datacenter, INOVGUEST® uses a 100% web technology reduces the need for investment in equipment, while still enabling access from different devices, for maximum mobility.

Innovative, intuitive, robust, flexible
and easy to use


Scalable and modular, adaptable to different types of operation.

Web based, offers the simplicity and usability of a browser.

Mobility, speed and portabilit, available from anywhere in the world.

Intuitive, easy to use and quick to learn.

Easy integration with other applications, equipment, new services and features.

INOVGUEST® is an integrated hotel management software solution, structured in a modular way, allowing you to add modules and interfaces according to the specific needs for each unit.

* Optional Modules


Simplicity & Speed

Front-office and booking operations made to streamline all the booking process as well as every step from check-in to check-out.

Intuitive and Effective Management and Planning

Through an intuitive graphic display, with privileged access to multiple modern hospitality indicators (reservations, availability, contracts, over bookings, etc.), the status of your hotel is easy to understand at a glimpse.
Automatically generated maps and lists allow better visual reading of the information that matters, ensuring better planning and management, day after day.
Providing information on the temporal evolution of bookings and comparative information for better establishing objectives, INOVGUEST® opens the door to Business Intelligence, allowing a better interpretation of various pointers such as occupancy rate, Available Room Rate (ARR), RevPar, Booking-Window, etc.
Listings with the major financial indicators offer crucial insights to good management and effective planning of your hotel.

Optimizing Resources

Specific planning, linked to event charts and work plans, enable improved management and control of spaces and resources for maximum profitability.
Boosted management of parking spots thanks to dedicated planning.

Integrated Management

A global vision is essential when managing hotel groups. INOVGUEST® allows it through various maps and listings for increased effectiveness.
Contracts and covenants with third parties are more easily managed through charts and lists, featuring diverse financial pointers, allowing a more successful planning and management.
Bookings, prices, availability – all in a single access to enhanced profitability of multiple units in a hotel group.


a partir de qualquer dispositivo com acesso via web.


Complemented by tools that allow widespread control of your hotel, INOVGUEST® connects to external applications easily, allowing a smooth and full optimization of your operation and business.


Door Lock System

Interlocked with leading market suppliers (such as VinGard, Salto, Cifial, etc.), INOVGUEST® enables fast recording of cards, incorporating automatically INOVGUEST® PMS data. This admits associating various features to the key, such as room access, discounts assignment or access control to the garage, among others.


Telephone Central

Connecting your Telephone Central to INOVGUEST®, enables diverse records for better management, including:

  • Mini bar consumptions issuing directly to the guest’s account.
  • Line releasing only when the accommodation is in Check-in.
  • Wake-Up call service.
  • Accommodation status swapping (e.g. from unclean to clean).


Document Scanner

Combining your Document Scanners with INOVGUEST®, allows you to speed up and optimize several operations, such as:

  • Guest’s data gathering, automatically introduced into the booking chart.
  • Booking search
  • History guests search


Tablets / PDAs

Connected to INOVGUEST®, tablets and PDAs become powerful tools, essential to a modern look as well as for improved management of several processes. For instance:

  • Accelerating the Check-In process (Fast Check-In), allowing the demobilization of groups to other areas such as the bar or the pool, allowing a quicker and more effective service by employees, and - above all – a more enjoyable experience for guests.
  • Allows the housekeeper to quickly and easily issue minibar consumptions as well as changing the room’s status (clean, unclean, out of service, etc.) in the system.


Internet Access

Take control of your network by setting up passwords. Control access costs and issue them directly to the related booking.



Integrated with different solutions on the market (Nonius, Exterity, etc.), INOVGUEST® enables prompt information provision to guests via door plates or televisions, providing the broadcast of welcoming messages, services and promotions, as well as renting movies, placing orders or accessing their current account, all from the comfort of their room.


Channel Manager

Integrating different channel manager solutions, such as Availpro, SiteMinder, ParityRate, Omnibees, Hottetec, Reveparguru, among others, IDS (Internet Distribution Systems) reservations are added automatically to INOVGUEST® allowing the management of the entire operation from a single access point.



Sending and - quickly and efficiently - validating documents for collection (bills), certified and digitally signed by BAVEL, INOVGUEST® allows operators or any 3rd parties to receive in time (up to 24h) the invoice for advanced payment, data is also automatically incorporated in the billing software safely.



Combined with leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, such as SAP, Primavera, Sage, PHC, among others, releasing invoices and current accounts from different departments to accounting, directly from INOVGUEST®, becomes an easy task.


Electronic Payments

By communicating directly with the service providers, INOVGUEST® allows electronic payments via PMS. By associating several cards to a reservation, its status management becomes easy as well as performing transactions.


Booking Engine

Dashboard / Planning

Current Accounts

Complemented by tools that allow widespread control of your hotel, INOVGUEST® connects to external applications easily, allowing a smooth and full optimization of your operation and business.


Point of Sale
F&B Control and Management

Our Solution:


INOVGUEST® provides investment models fitted to each situation, including new features, new modules, new interfaces and premium technical support guaranteed by specialized professionals.

Quick and intuitive communication, easy to use, with an interface accessible to any user from any device with web access. INOVGUEST® is your best tool in hotel management.

One Time Fee

One Time

User License

Hosting at the hotel’s technological infrastructure

Software + Services (S+S)

Operational Rental
Including User License and Technical Support Agreement

Hosting at the hotel’s technological infrastructure

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Operational Rental
Including User License and Technical Support Agreement

Hosting at ITBase / WareGuest’s datacenter

INOVGUEST® offers the best solution for multiple needs, covering both micro-units and large hotel chains.

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